Training for Content Moderation Advocacy and Communication Strategy

The Social Media 4 Peace project by UNESCO, in partnership with SAFEnet, invited Damai Coalition which consisted of 12 different CSO and organizations to attend a content moderation and communication strategy workshop on 30th – 31st of May 2023. The purpose of this training is to enhance the knowledge of Damai coalition members regarding an integrated approach to advocacy and effective communication strategies. The training also deliberated on the advocacy and public communication workplan for the first year of the Damai Coalition’s operation. Research Assistant at CSIS Politics and Social Changes Department for SAIL, Anak Agung Istri Mas Ratnaningrum and Knowledge Management at CSIS, Bella Zefanya, shared how SAIL is CSIS’ current initiative in combating information disorder issues.


Pakarti Centre Building
Jl. Tanah Abang 3 No. 23-27
Jakarta, 10160

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