SAIL Dialogue on Internet Safety

The Safer Internet Lab (SAIL), a joint initiative between CSIS and Google Indonesia, held a high-level dialogue titled “SAIL Dialogue on Internet Safety” on June 3rd, 2024. The event presented SAIL’s research findings on information disorder in Indonesia and SAIL’s future plans, also provided a platform for stakeholders to collaborate on combating information disorder.

The event was opened by key speakers, including CSIS Executive Director Yose Rizal Damuri, Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Mira Tayyiba, and Google’s Global Head of Government Affairs & Public Policy Karan Bhatia. They emphasized the need for collaborative efforts across sectors to address the growing challenges of disinformation.

In the research presentation session, SAIL researchers highlighted the impact of information disorders on Indonesia’s elections and society, recommending stronger regulations, enhanced public education, and improved coordination among stakeholders.

The event also featured a panel discussion with key figures from ASEAN, Google, the UN Information Centre, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Think Policy, and the Public Virtue Institute, focusing on regional collaboration, public-private partnerships, and AI utilization for effective information governance.

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Thamrin Nine Ballroom, Jakarta
June 3, 2024
10:00 - 12:30

Pakarti Centre Building
Jl. Tanah Abang 3 No. 23-27
Jakarta, 10160

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